Algoma Sailing Club
St. Mary's River,  Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario  or


Sankey Island Rendezvous,
2nd Annual, 2009, Sat July 11 & Sunday July 12
1st Annual, 2008, Saturday Aug 2 & Sunday Aug 3 
"Let's Have Some Fun!"  Lazy sail, anchor, raft up, play some fun games, and have a party attitude.

Sailing Instructions to Sankey Island from the clubhouse.

Close to: North 46, 20.859 by West 84, 06.093 

(note. you can print this out.)

- Sail south past the Sugar Island Ferry, down through Lake Nicolet.

- At the nine mile point on Lake Nicolet (bouy 79 & 80) it splits into the
two shipping channels.

- Select the East upbound shipping channel (bouys 77 and 76) and then
continue to sail down through the Middle Neebish Channel
(between Sugar Island and Neebish Island).

- After passing (bouys 45 & 46) you will need exit the Middle Neebish
Channel. Note: the land based line-of-sight navigational range markers at
end of channel (Stribing Point St Joesph Island). 

- Turn North East into the navigation channel between Sugar
Island and St Joesph Island
(bouy HP8 & Q42) and continue
through the Channel.

- At the end of the channel (after passing last bouy K33) turn
North-North-East and sail towards Watson's Island on Long Point
 and continue until to Sankey Island.

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