Algoma Sailing Club
St. Mary's River,  Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

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Algoma Sailing Club's
Sailing Display in the Station Mall.

To find new ways of promoting activities the of Algoma Sailing Club has for the first time has included "Mall Sailing". A display area was set up within the Station Mall complete with boats, computers, books, and multimedia presentations.

A few years ago the club had fun setting up a Tall Ship Display when 3 tall ships had docked visiting our town, and the Club repeated itself and had a great time meeting and conversing with the public.

But this years display had threefold objective to achieve and to promote;

  • The Club, for new members (associate and senior).

  • The upcoming CanSail (BOOM) Sailing School.

  • The North Channel Race Week.

The Sailing Display area was set up inside the Station Mall for Friday April 15, Saturday April 16, and Sunday April 17, 2016.

Within the display area setup, were the following and you can view more when clicking on the photos on the right;

  • 3 Sailboats, one even with its mast up, and each boat had facts sheets covering the technical info of each and a continuous replaying movie of sailing of that type of boat for the Sandpiper 565, 470 dingy, and Laser dingy.

  • 3 sailing Simulator computers all networked together running Vehicle Simulator software from Quality Simulations. This allowed group virtual racing, even with different types of boats (keel and dingy) and even basic sailing lessons were introduced all on the computer live. If one damaged or sunk their craft a new could be generated instantly. The software designer Ilan Papini, graciously donated two free licences for our mall display.   

  • On the main display table were many Sailing Magazines and Sailing Books to interest folks into sailing.

  • A free GPS Chart Plotting software called Sea Clear displayed the USA NOAA marine charts and with a plug in usb GPS puck to input co-ordinates. Many times the public were interested in locations near their camps and were shown the water depths.

  • In promoting our club, 3 movies and 2 slide show presentations set up in various locations, such as the Club History, Sail to Richards Landing, and  the Shaw TV's Club Interview.

  • The North Channel Race Week information and Gerry's slide show was highlighted at one table with registrations forms and maps.

  • The CanSail (Boom) movie and slideshow had some fast action and registration signups were on hand for the Sailing Lessons. The BOOM promoters Norman and April chatted excitably about Boom to everyone who stopped by their table. They also want to say that the Boom Registration Seats are going fast, so if your interested in sailing don't delay, better register quickly.

Overall, it was a fun time for those who attended and Neil would like to say "THANK YOU" to everyone who came out to oversee the display tables, helped with the daily setup and takedown, those who loaned us equipment, and boats. 

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CanSail (Boom)

A.S.C. Club.

North Channel Race Week.

View From Sears.

View from Zellers

Remote Controlled RC.

470 Dingy.

Laser Dingy.

Sandpiper 565.

Sailboat Racing.

Who Won The Race?

Sailing Simulator Setup.

Rear View

Rear View

Swapping Sea Stories.

Tony had been looking at locations to set up a display and when a late minute cancellation at the Station Mall opened up, he contacted Neil and they organized the Mall Display. Tony measured the Mall doors to ensure that boats would be able through and then contacted boat owners to loan boast for the weekend. Neil scrambled to find movies and sailing software and then the call went out to members to help overseeing the display tables and for extra TV, monitors, and computers

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