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Work Days Report, by Ron Willson.

Algoma Sailing Club, 2015 Work Days.  Click on any picture to enlarge.

What do we do on our work days? Well here is a sample and everyone is encouraged to help out, as there is always lots to do.

We’ve had quite a productive amount of work by club members over the last couple of weekends, and enjoying good weather opportunities simultaneously!

1) The Anchor and Docks committee and work party headed by Gord Simpson were replacing and inspecting some of the moorings floats and chains on Sunday May 31st using the floating platform rig.

  • Mooring inspection are based on our mooring maintenance records, and whenever time and extra funding is available any sets of mooring chains that are found questionable are replaced, as well as the mooring floats.
  • The homemade original mooring tires over the last 3 decades are slowly sinking due to the foam becoming waterlogged, hence are being replaced by newer plastic mooring balls which are more visible and waterproof whenever the chains are inspected.


2) On Saturday June 6th, work parties performed surgery on two of our older dingy docks which have the same flotation problems with much of the decking become wet or submerged in the water.

  • As an effort to help prolong the lifespan of some of our dingy docks until they can be properly hoisted out by crane to have all the floatation completely replaced, all the remaining foam flotation on hand and those recycled from previous repaired docks was inserted into 2 inboard dock sections in an effort to keep the them higher out of the water. Additionally to stay within budget the decking wood was pulled off, flipped over, and then nailed back on.  


3) Hot water has been an issue of late with an increased electrical bill due to a failed heater within the large hot water tank. The large size of tank was chosen years ago for future uses such as having showers and a sauna installed. Since we currently have no working showers, a new plan to replace it had to be invoked.

  • So on Saturday & Sunday, Dennis Neave has been very busy with installation of a smaller 10G water heater including a shelf in the alcove between downstairs washroom and sauna room (storage cubicle). Gerry Neave kindly donated the heater, so cold showers will be at their home from now on. Such is the dedication of the Commodore and 1st lady!
  • The new heater is now functioning and will provide enough hot water for the washing dishes and hands and most definitely using power more efficiently.


4) The result of both projects; we have more space in the downstairs Clubhouse.

  • Styrofoam and some mooring balls gone to the docks and scrap 60G heater out in the yard along with the old tyre floats awaiting disposal.
  • Badly needed sort out of clubhouse storage areas that several dump runs will cure, but need help from members to identify those items that are no longer required and generally tidy up those bits and pieces that have built up after the last cleanup. Please advise or check with the Exec.


5) Dennis has also used his electrical expertise to identify in detail the power distribution to the various lights, heaters etc. etc.

  • The feed from each breaker has been traced to “end user” and the descriptive chart will be placed at the breakers once finalised.


6) Important Reminder:

  • Turning off Lights; Sounds easy but the unfortunate location of some switches eg, outside porch lights (up & down) and inner sanctum often result in these being unintentionally turned on.
  • Windows in Lounge and Galley Area; There was an attempted break-in last year using convenient ladder courtesy of ASC. A screen was damaged at the galley window. Access could also be made through an open window from the porch landing. It is now getting warm with windows closed but please lock them closed before leaving.
  • Coffee Pot and Kettle; Please check – switch off and unplug after use.


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