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A fantastic week of sailing

Monday, July 28, 2014   by: Staff received the following note about the results of the North Channel Race Week from loyal reader Jack Rice who is an Algoma Sailing Club member.
The North Channel Race Week (NCRW) enjoyed a spectacular week of sailboat racing through five distance races for a variety of yacht sizes, styles and classes.  
This five day race series began in Hilton Beach on St. Joseph Island and, over the course of five days, wound its way through the North Channel eventually finishing in Little Current on Manitoulin Island. 
Each day consisted of an event stage with each stage having its own unique coastal geography and challenges.  
Race Trophy Sponsors are; CIBC Wood Gundry, Intrinsic Financial Group, Lock City Dairies.
The series for 2014:    
  1. Monday, July 21 was Hilton Beach to Thessalon. 
  2. Tuesday, July 22 was Thessalon to Tolsma Bay (Cockburn Island). This day two was originally scheduled to end in Vidal Bay but changed to Tolsma Bay the day of in consideration of incoming weather. Please note the results on this date as well; four boats did not finish (DNF) as they were in the back of the fleet when weather was rolling in so they dropped sails and motored to the finish.
  3. Wednesday, July 23 was Tolsma Bay to Spragge (North Channel Yacht Club).
  4. Thursday, July 24 was Spragge to Gore Bay.
  5. Friday, July 25 was Gore Bay to Little Current.  
As a summary, this proved to be a fantastic debut for this regatta.  
Skyship took the event by approximately 6 minutes, over corrected time, from second place Natural High followed by third place Blue Teal.  
Skyship, a 32' C&C design, hails from Sault Ste. Marie and the Algoma Sailing Club skippered by Gord and Glenn Simpson.
Natural High, a 33' Abbott design, and Blue Teal, a 37' C&C design, both hail from the Hilton Beach Yacht Club.  
The event invites all styles and classes of boats to the event where PHRF ratings are used to adjust the results in respect of the different boats.  
PHRF ratings stands for Performance Handicap Racing Fleet ratings to which the aim is to cancel out the inherent advantages and disadvantages of each class of boats so that results reflect crew skill rather than equipment superiority.  
There were no outstanding mishaps or crashes; just some great racing thru a variety of conditions from gusting wind to flat seas.  
The varying legs of the races saw days of beating upwind at various times to flying downwind in spinnaker sprints.  
North Channel Race Week evolved out of the MacMan Challenge series which concluded in 2013 after having run for ten years. 
The North Channel Race Week moves the entire course schedule into the beautiful North Channel of Lake Huron.  
A number of sailing forums including Sail World, Gam on Yachting, and Ontario Sailing are following this inaugural event.   
2014 North Channel Race Week five day race final results:
[overall - time over distance - one leg thrown out]

1. Skyship (Algoma Sailing Club - Sault Ste. Marie)
2. Natural High (Hilton Beach Yacht Club)
3. Blue Teal (Hilton Beach Yacht Club)
4. Aurora Borealis (Hilton Beach Yacht Club)
5. Sea Biscuit (North Channel Yacht Club - Spragge)
6. Echo (Algoma Sailing Club - Sault Ste. Marie)
7. Misu (Little Current Yacht Club)  
8. Whiskey Jack (Algoma Sailing Club - Sault Ste. Marie)
9. Miss "B" Haven {tie} (North Channel Yacht Club - Spragge)
9. Sunny J {tie} (Algoma Sailing Club - Sault Ste. Marie)
10. Moon Shadow (Little Current Yacht Club)
11. Tack Too (Maple Leaf)
12.  Riga (Little Current Yacht Club)
13.  Walkabout (North Channel Yacht Club - Spragge)

Top three overall per individual fleet

Crimson Scarlet Fleet 
1. Sea Biscuit
2. Misu
3. Whiskey Jack

Gold Fleet 
1. Skyship
2. Natural High
3. Blue Teal

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