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Sault Star, Local News

Come sail away! Races set for Saturday

by Donna Schell, Special to the Star
Friday, May 29, 2009 6:49:28 EDT AM

Several members of the Algoma Sailing Club will embark on their first of three sailing races from Sault Ste. Marie to St. Joseph Island, Saturday.

The race is being held in conjunction with the second annual Marina Mania, and the opening of the recently built replica lighthouse at the Richards Landing Marina.

Fleet captain Neil Trudel said the Richards Landing run is the first long-distance race of the season.

The race is traditionally held about mid-June. However, to coincide with the planned marina festivities, it was bumped ahead by a couple of weeks, Trudel said.

At press time, it is not known how many boats will race.

That all depends on how many are race-ready, Trudel said, adding the boating season has been "cold" to start.

It's possible to see as many as 10 vessels sail to the island.

Captains will navigate their boats, lining up at the starting line at Top Sail Island, the traditional starting point. At 10 a. m., the race will commence at the sound of the horn.

"Depending on wind direction, the speed and the size of the boat, the race could take about four hours to complete," Trudel said.

Spectators on shore at the marina could see the first boat cross the finish line as early as 1:30 p. m.

The winner of the race will be presented with the club's trophy that day, and again at the annual banquet.

"Sailing is a passion, but it's not for everyone," said Algoma Sailing Club president Brian Trudel. "Getting there is half the fun."

Along with the welcome of the first sailboat racer of the 2009 season, various activities are scheduled for the day throughout the marina area, including the dedication of the lighthouse, slated for 2 p. m.

Marnia Mania activities will run from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. Attractions include the Steelworkers Inflatable and the Nip 'n Tuck train for youngsters.

There will also be various boat dealers and vendors on hand

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