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Algoma Sailing Club, Photo Album  A mast-hugger's guide to yacht racing (Photo essay)
By David Helwig, Monday, August 04, 2003
No, wasn't climbing any masts during the Trans-Superior 2003 Yacht Race.

We were comfortably and graciously entertained by Jack and Shirley Dacey aboard their tug, the Whitney III.

But we were able to snap quite a few photos of the 24 sailboats in the race, as we followed them from the Bondar Marina to the start line at Gros Cap.

To see what we saw, please click on the photos.

 TransSuperior1_small.jpg TransSuperior2_small.jpg YachtRace12_small.jpg YachtRace13_small.jpg YachtRace28_small.jpg
 YachtRace15_small.jpg YachtRace16_small.jpg YachtRace26_small.jpg YachtRace27_small.jpg YachtRace29_small.jpg
  YachtRace31_small.jpg YachtRace34_small.jpg YachtRace35_small.jpg YachtRace4_small.jpg YachtRace5_small.jpg YachtRace6_small.jpg YachtRace7_small.jpg YachtRace32_small.jpg
 YachtRace8_small.jpg YachtRace9_small.jpg YachtRace33_small.jpg  

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