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Algoma Sailing Club, Photo Album

Want to have some fun? Then come on out and sail with us! We like and admire all types of sail boats. Is yours shown here? If not, then email your pictures with details to our webmasters to place them online. Our Photo Collections highlights events that have taken place at our Club in addition to events that we partner with.


A.S.C. Photo Archive Descriptions and News Media Stories about A.S.C.

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ASC Clubhouse

ASC Docks,

Sea Cadets

Trans Superior

  • Mall Sailing, A Club Display in the Station Mall, including; Sailing Boats, Simulators, Display Tables, CanSail, North Channel Race Week.
  • Social Committee, race night social meals, barbecues and Turkey Dinner.
  • Work Days at the clubhouse. What do we do?


  • Sankey Island Rendezvous, Sailing down Lake Nicolet, Pictures by Joe Cardoso, Saturday Aug 2 & Sunday Aug 3. 
  • The River Rescue, by Gerry and Carol, Club Members helping hands move a stuck boat.
  • News Media, SooToday: Lost Dock, Sault Search and Rescue is missing one of the Dragon Boat Docks. (1 picture)
  • Algoma Sailing Club Richards Landing Race 2008 Video (60.7 megbytes, 8.75 minutes, windows media video format). (use right click to "Open" to view immediately or to "Save Target to hard drive" if using dial up speed. 


  • News Media, St Ignace: Pieri Sails Adagio, to win Racing Class in MacMan, (2 photos).
  • News Media, SooToday: Sieth Wotten stops by our club while paddling reroute to Northwest Territories. (1 picture).
  • News Media, SooToday News: Race a sailboat, Interview with Dave Roberts (8 photos)
  • News Media, SooToday: Richard Virene is affectionately nicknamed the Old Man and the Sea. Virene has been sailing for about 55 years. (7 Pictures).
  • News Media, SooToday: MPP David Orazietti, visits A.S.C. views Trillium Grant improvements  / renovations. (1 photo)
  • News Media, SooNews: Sail Away, Bill Adolf, and Gordon Smedley of Algoma Sailing Club presents a cheque to Andrew Hay, RYTAC manager, (1 picture)
  • News Media, Sault Star: Foul Weather Friends, Sailors Seek the thrill of high winds featuring Mike Punch and Leroy Pieri. (3 photos), 

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  • News Media Stories and pictures are copyrighted by each media cooperation. Story, source, author, and links are provided at the top of each story. Stories are events that have involvement with our Club. News stories pertaining to the Club and its members are reprinted only to preserve the story and photos due to request of the persons interviewed. Some media stories have a  time life span, and then archived, hence are reproduced here.

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